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        A relative trace formula for obstacle scattering
        27 Okt
        27. Oktober 2020
        Oberseminar Analysis und Theoretische Physik

        A relative trace formula for obstacle scattering

        Spectral theory of the Laplace operator on unbounded domains in R^n can be described by scattering theory.  One of the main results is the Birman-Krein formula that expresses the spectral shift function by the scattering matrix. We give a new type of related trace formula that applies to scattering theory of many obstacles and applies to a much larger class of functions. This includes physically relevant examples such as the vacuum energy. It gives a rigorous justification to formulae that have been used in the physics literature based on path integral derivations. The talk will mainly be focusing on setting up the precise mathematical framework, but if time permits I will explain the relation to QFT and physics.

        (joint work with F. Hanisch and A. Waters)


        Prof. Dr. Alexander Strohmaier,
        University of Leeds


        Institut für Analysis


        27. Oktober 2020
        15:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr


        ONLINE: Interessierte erhalten die Zugangsinformationen von Herrn Prof. Dr. Elmar Schrohe (schrohe@math.uni-hannover.de).
        Welfengarten 1
        30167 Hannover